The idea for the Virtual Art Museum (V.A.M.) came to me after I was asked to write music for a Polish artist, named Katya Sokolowa-Zyzak, who also has Russian roots. I always wanted to collaborate with artists, so of course I said Yes to her proposition. ))) It was very successful, so I made another movie for her. After it, I started looking for art that would touch my heart. That is how I have met so many wonderful artists like Andrei Chikachov (Sakha Republic, Russia), Kazuo Hasegawa (Japan), Azeez Edo-Omozuwa (Africa). I also made a film for the Alaska Independent Musician's Initiative (AKIMI).  After making a few trips to large Celebrations in Alaska and Yakutia (Russia), it gave me so much joy to met all these wonderful interesting vibrant spirits, and together we have made a number of virtual collaborations which they have shown internationally. You can find it on You tube at the links below. Please enjoy!

                                                                                 Sincerely, Lena