The idea for the Virtual Art Museum (V.A.M.) came to me after I was asked to write music for KATYA SOKOLOWA-ZYZAK. 


 I always wanted to collaborate with artists, so of course I said Yes to her proposition. 


It was very successful, so I made another video for her.  After it, I started looking for art that would touch my heart.


That is how I have met so many wonderful artists:

Kazuo Hasegawa (Japan) 

Catalina Carrasco (Ecuador, South America)

Katya Sokolowa- Zyzak (Poland)

Andrei Chikachov (Sakha Republic, Russia)

Azeez Edo-Omozuwa (Africa)

Duke Russel (Alaska, USA)

Innokentiy Koryakin (Sakha Republic, Russia)

Ajar Varlamov (Sakha Republic, Russia)

Anna Zobs (Saratov, Russia)



 It gave me so much joy to met all these wonderful interesting vibrant spirits, and together we have made a number of virtual collaborations which they have shown internationally.

You can find it here or on You tube at the links  lena lukina/global* vam.

Please enjoy!


GLOBAL* VAM presents the artist Kazuo Hasegava(Japan)

GLOBAL*VAM presents the artist Catalina Carrasco(Ecuador,South America)

"YAKUTIA" by Lena Lukina-EL

GLOBAL*VAM presents the artist Katia Sokolova-Zyzak (Poland)

GLOBAL*VAM presents the artist Andrey Chikachev (Sakha Republic,Russia)

GLOBAL*VAM presents Azeez Edo Omozuwa(Nigeria,Africa)

GLOBAL*VAM presents the artist Duke Russell (Alaska,USA)

GLOBAL*VAM presents the artist Innokentiy Koryakin(Sakha Republic, Russia)

GLOBAL*VAM presents the photographer Ajar Varlamov(Sakha Republic, Russia)

GLOBAL*VAM presents the artist Anna Zobs (Saratov, Russia)