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Dear Friends !  Thank you for visiting my website ))  Here is just a little bit about myself.


   I was born in North Central Siberia, in the city of Pokrovsk, in the Republic of Yakutia (Sakha).  I’m a classically trained violinist, who moved, in the early 90's, to the “Last Frontier, Alaska”, where I have learned to play other instruments, like viola and synth.


   I started writing music in 2005, and in October 2007, thanks to Kurt Riemann of Surreal Studios, Anchorage, AK, I released my first CD, "Coming Home" by "L", which was dedicated to my Russian roots.  My next project turned into another CD, "Bon Voyage - Cinema", which was released in October 2011 (thanks to Greg Tauriello of Sweet 16 Studios, Cornville AZ, Kurt Riemann of Surreal Studios, Anchorage, AK, and Steve Avedis, Denver CO).  Both CD’s are available on most music websites like iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and CDBaby.


   I’m pretty much open for everything: collaborations, concerts, festivals, and proposals for writing music for movies, television and other commercial projects.


Родилась в Якутии , в городе Покровске.  С 90 годов проживаю на Аляске.

Музыкальные альбомы:

«Coming Home» - 2007 год, (Большое спасибо Курту Рейману «SurrealStudio» AK)

«Bon Voyage-Cinema» 2011 год, (Большое спасибо Курту Рейману «SurrealStudio» AK,  Грэгу Ториелло « Sweet 16»  AZ, Стиву Аведису CO)

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